Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Got a virus

Me that is. Not the computer. I hope.

Started the day off feeling fairly OK, just a hint of a cold on the way. I decided to go to the office to do some voluntary work catch-up as that is one of my targets for the month that I haven't done too well on.

I got in fairly early and the office was quiet, so it looked promising, but by the time I'd taken messages off the voice mail, made a call and had a chat about support groups with someone from another group working in the same centre, time was already getting on. Then one of my colleagues came in and I needed to do something with her. By that time I was starting to feel lightheaded so I decided to cut my losses as I had to go to Tesco anyway. After all I am not paid for this work and sometimes frankly it seems more hassle than it is worth.

I thought I would feel better once I had arrived home and had some late lunch, but to be honest I don't. I tried to write a bit more of the novel but my fingers weren't working too well on the keyboard.

I give up for today.


Anne Brooke said...

Poor you, Cathy - I have huge sympathy. Hope you feel better soon ...


Cathy said...

Thanks Anne. I am feeling quite a lot better today...hope you are too!