Friday, January 19, 2007

The sandwich generation

I suppose I am in danger of becoming a member of what is often called the sandwich generation, those who are caught in the middle having to care for both their own children and ageing parents. Not that my own parents need care yet, but if and when that does happen they are 200 miles away. In the meantime mother-in-law, who cares for an almost 90 year old second husband with severe health problems, is herself developing fast progressing Alzheimers and lives on the south coast.

Then of course both my own children require a lot of care at the moment and Son 2, who is severely autistic, will for the rest of his life. So perhaps it is not surprising that our thoughts have been turning to future possible care needs. I am very tempted to get on my soapbox about carers' issues and the failings of the care system in general, but this is really not meant to be a political blog. Instead I will just point you towards a few facts and reports and leave them to speak for themselves.

Read this and this and then consider the rate of carers allowance paid by the government and the requirements and restrictions imposed on its receipt.

Carers really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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