Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad blogging

I dropped into Lane's blog this morning and she is apologising for her absence recently. Everything that she says applies to me too...life has just got in the way. I'm sorry.

Please don't give up on me. I am still here, I will be back and posting more regularly as soon as I can. But I'm feeling a little burnt out. Not just from blogging but writing as a whole. I'm saturated in my current OU course which, though fascinating, is very challenging. I have work to do over the next couple of months, of the boring but paid accountancy variety. I have family challenges. The details of my life right now would not make exciting reading for anyone.

I need to take a little time and get my writing mojo back in time for the OU Advanced Creative Writing course starting in the autumn. I need to spend a little more time on bookersatz, so that it doesn't fade away from neglect. I need to concentrate on life at home. I have to be careful what I write in that respect but things are going very well, it is just that the path forward is not likely to be entirely smooth. I need to look after myself.

I will try to pop in and post here at least once a week if possible. I'm sorry that I am not commenting on other peoples blogs as much right now, but I do read as often as I can.

And I will definitely be back properly soon.

When my head clears.

Three notable things

1. Son 2 has taken to getting up between 5 and 5.30am. Even on the occasional day that he sleeps in to say 6.30, I wake up at 5.15. Urgh.

2. The grass in our garden is as high as my knees. We are trying to bribe son 1 to cut it for us...

3. The right person won The Apprentice, given that Raef had already gone.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Flying without wings

It comes as a bit of a shock when your teenager suddenly gets a life. Especially when said teenager has previously been confined to home by anxiety and agoraphobia.

I'm trying really hard not to ring his mobile more than once or twice a day, not to be an overprotective parent even though I have only a rough idea of where he is half the time at weekends. Luckily he is sensible and we trust his judgement, but I guess we are getting into a whole new set of parental worries now.

I do love seeing my offspring take his first tentative flights away from the nest though...

Three notable things

1. The winners of The Orange Broadband Prize and the Award for New Writers have been announced. More details here.

2. I had a great day out on Wednesday helping to teach student health professionals at City University, followed by a lengthy browse around Borders bookshop.

3. Have just realised that I have got an assignment to write urgently at the start of next week, as soon as son 2 returns to school. Although I've done most of the reading I don't know where to start...