Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A busy day

A voluntary work committee meeting last night at the home of an Indian friend who fed us all with delicious chickpea masala, rice and naan bread. We didn't get down to the formal business until half way through the evening so it was late when I got home. She even gave me some yummy curry and rice to bring back which Son 2 has enjoyed this evening.

Today has been strangely frustrating, with lots of things to do and all sorts of arrangements going slightly wrong. Yet another visit to the dentists, the ordinary one this time not superdentist, for my regular appointment with the hygienist. I really like my dental hygienist, we always have a good gossip before during and after the scrape and polish, as she has a boy the same age as Son 1.

Another voluntary meeting early this afternoon about funding opportunities and the complexities of working with local government and the NHS. I had to leave early as Son 1 had a therapy appointment at 3pm. Got home to find Hubby already back (he had been on a business trip) so I wasn't really needed and then the therapist forgot to come anyway and phoned with a grovelling apology just before clocking off time. Ho hum.

Have written a small amount more on the novel and will try to get back to it later this evening if I can.

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