Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So yesterday I went back to Harley Street to have my root canal work done by the specialist (who I have started referring to as superdentist). For those of you who may have missed the start of this story, it is here and here.

The consulting room is very high-tech and the equipment mainly computerised...and to think I had considered my regular dentist quite modern! Anyway, superdentist gave me a computer dosed anaesthetic, put in a prop to keep my mouth open and got ready to work. I did a bit of deep yoga breathing, watched some of the action on a tiny screen in front of me and nearly two hours later, when he asked me how it had been, all I could say was 'quite relaxing really....', even though I did feel a little lightheaded when I got up. Well any time away from the kids is relaxing, isn't it? It probably also helped that the tooth he was working on was already dead before he started!

Afterwards I wandered down to Oxford Street, via the Oxfam bookshop of course, where once again I found some interesting books. I went into Selfridges, which I hadn't visited for ages. I love that store, it is so much how the other half lives, with all the designer accessories and trendy cosmetic ranges which can be hard to find. It reminds me of when I used to work in the West End and would pop in there, if it was late night shopping, after having had a bad day.

Then, as my mouth was fully back to life, I went off to have a hot chocolate and a croissant before getting the tube home.


Anne Brooke said...

Goodness, you're so brave, Cathy! Hope teeth are all perfect now.



Cathy said...

No not brave, Anne! Just something I had to get done and actually another tooth also needs retreating but I'm putting it off for now ( while I save up....)