Thursday, February 01, 2007

How did I do?

Time to revisit my targets for January:

1.OU assignment...done, still awaiting the result.

2.Tax return...done (couldn't afford the fine if I didn't!)

3.Voluntary work...have done quite a lot but not necessarily what I set out to do!

4.Novel writing...prologue and chapter one finished, chapter two started. Not as much as I'd hoped but better than nothing. Also first 1000 words edited thoroughly and sent off to a competition.

5.Wardrobe tidying... not even started. Oh dear.

Not too bad though. Now I must set my targets for February. I'll have a think and try to post them up tomorrow.

My virus never developed into anything too much, so perhaps it was just the tail end of a tummy bug we have all had. I'm glad as I'm actually going out to dinner this evening, a ladies night out (I would say girls, but some of those going are definitely no longer girls!) with a special needs support group I attend.

Today I also had my six monthly check at the dentist and of course, he found a very old filling that needs replacing. He has to make money somehow! But it is not desperately urgent so I am leaving it until after half term.

I finished 'Something Beginning With' by Sarah Salway a couple of days ago. I enjoyed it...a quick and easy read, but well written in prose which conveys hidden depths beneath a seemingly superficial surface.


Anne Brooke said...

Enjoy tonight, Cathy! Glad you're feeling okay!


Cathy said...

Thank you Anne! Yes it was a very nice evening and a real treat to actually go out....