Monday, January 15, 2007

Tax return blues

Since I am technically still a Chartered Accountant you wouldn't think a fairly straightforward tax return should hold too many fears for me. But I hate doing it and yes, on at least one occasion I have made a mistake in calculating my tax. True to form I have left it to the very last minute and then spent the morning chasing my bank for info, downloading extra sections of the return from the internet and thinking about what else I might have forgotten. Tomorrow I shall have to rush into town to get some building society books updated and then when the bank info arrives maybe I can do force myself to fill the form in. Oh what joy!

Haven't had time to write any more of the novel over the weekend though I did edit what I have done so far. I think I am the sort of writer who writes sections then likes to edit, rather than rushing straight through a first draft. Once I get writing the words and ideas can flow very well some days but on others I'm more in the mood for nitpicking and fiddling with my text. I suspect that comes from having very much enjoyed translation work when I studied languages at university.

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