Thursday, January 18, 2007

It must be the weather.....

I had lots of plans today to be busy and do some Good Deeds for my voluntary charity work (in other words spend a day trying to catch up with financial records in the office). But then the last piece of info needed for my tax return arrived in the post this morning and once I had looked at the storm outside I decided I would be better off to stay in and finally stop procrastinating over the form. So another one of my January targets has been met.

I have had one eye on the TV news about the Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother racism row. I have only seen about 5 minutes of the series so I couldn't possibly comment on whether it is racism, class differences or just plain girly bitchiness and ignorance. It all leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth though, even for those of us not watching the series. I'm sure many bloggers and commentators will have their say, as Jane Henry and Danuta Keen already have.

My novel word count is creeping VERY slowly upwards, but I'm glad I didn't join in the novel race, I would feel very inadequate alongside the likes of Kate Harrison!

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