Thursday, January 04, 2007

Essay writing

No fun novel writing today. Back to my Open University course on mental health and specifically the assessment due in next week. I have asked for and been granted an extension on account of my caring responsibilities over the school holiday but I do need to get it in the post next week, otherwise I will get behind.

My recent OU courses have all been creative writing, apart from a short one on computer research, and not really like studying at all. Its actually been 6 years (or is it 7 now?) since I did an academic course which required me to write an essay and I am finding it hard to get back into that mode. To make it worse this course actually has an exam at the end, something to look forward to in July, not.

Anyway, about half the essay is written and it is actually an interesting subject but I am already starting to wonder if I will stay the course ( sorry for the pun).....


Anne Brooke said...

You go for it, Cathy! And stay the course - this is only the post-Christmas course blues which every student has experienced everywhere since time began - don't give in to it!! (And I speak as one who's been in educational admin for a while, on and off, and a student at other times too!)

Give it your best shot and enjoy the ride.

Huge hugs


Cathy said...

Oh I'm not really a quitter, Anne, just get a bit bogged down sometimes!