Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back into the groove

Son 2 was back to school today and I was able to start to get back to normality ( or rather, to what passes for normality in this house). So after son 1's therapist had left I got my act together and headed for the shops.

First stop was the nearby 'village' suburb where there are SIX charity shops, including several that have good book sections. The pretext for going was actually to try to hunt down a video which son 2 destroyed last week and which didn't belong to us. But my book buying obsession got the better of me, yet again. Keris recommended Elizabeth Berg to me last week and I found a volume containing two of her works (Joy School and Until the Real Thing Comes Along). Two for the price of one can't be bad, especially as it only cost 99p. It will join my book mountain. Actually I probably have enough books here to keep me in reading matter until I die and I have no space left to shelve them , so they are cluttering the house stored in cardboard boxes. Ho hum.

Went on to Tesco, bumped into an old friend, called briefly into the children's centre where my voluntary work is based and then home. Even managed to write three hundred words more of the novel. It always takes me a day or two to get back into the routine when son 2 returns to school as his care is so full-on during holiday times.

Oh and we watched the last half hour or so of 'This Life +10' last night. We used to love the original series but somehow the sequel didn't work for us. Perhaps it would have seemed better if we had seen the whole thing, as we probably lost some of the nuances, but I was left with the feeling that it was a piece of its time which perhaps should have just been left with its cult status intact. Maybe it is just another sign that I am getting old. After all we also used to love 'Thirtysomething' back in the late 80's. That is currently being re-run on one of our cable channels and it looks sooo dated!!!

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