Monday, July 09, 2007

Wimbledon history

Wasn't the tennis great yesterday?

Apart from Tim Henman's matches in the opening week, yesterday was almost the first time I'd had time to watch much of the ball hitting. What a day to choose. A classic, nail-biting men's final between the record-equalling Federer and young Nadal, followed by a Brit actually winning something. How can that be?

Jamie Murray and his partner Jelena Jankovic did us proud in the mixed doubles final and looked as if they were enjoying it all. Almost too much. Which of course is how Wimbledon should be.

It reminded me of years ago when we had Centre Court tickets for Women's Final day and were privileged to watch Martina Navratilova win her final singles title. It was actually something of a one-sided match but we felt we were seeing history in the making. A wonderful experience, despite the painfully hard seats and the fact that I wasn't feeling too well, so couldn't indulge in any strawberries. It didn't even rain that day!

Three notable things:

1. Great tennis to watch on TV.

2. Managing to sort out what I am going to revise and actually do some revision today.

3. Receiving the correct payment for some teaching work done last month. It's not a lot but I do that particular work for experience rather than the money!


rilly super said...

It was a great match wasn't it? I was watching it whilst doing something else but had to put everything down to watch the final set.

Cathy said...

Well I was watching whilst doing the ironing, Rilly. But I guess you have someone to do that for you!

merry weather said...

Hi Cathy - thanks for visiting me, I see we have music and books in common.... Debbie Harry was my idol!

Will blogroll you so I don't forget to check back, if that's OK... Have a good day revising!

Stay at home dad said...

You're right, it was great. I lay on the sofa with my daughter and a hangover, comforted by the steady thwocking.

Cathy said...

Merry...of course you can visit anytime! Lovely to see you here and thanks for blogrolling me. Oh and I bet you won't be able to stay away from Blogger too long. It really is addictive.

SAHD ...I'm not sure watching tennis would be good for my usual hangover headache. The noise!!