Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's tomorrow...

The time has come. By 1pm tomorrow the exam will all be over.

I have been revising. I do broadly understand most of the themes of the course but I can't retain the names of any of the theorists. I know I haven't put enough work into this course but circumstances and, if I am to be honest, laziness have been against me.

Three questions in three hours. I will just have to hope that some of the topics that I have practical experience of come up so that I can waffle my way through.

Good luck to anyone else sitting the Open University K272 exam tomorrow!

Three notable things:

1. No more studying after tomorrow (at least until the next course!)

2. No exam nerves yet, because I don't give a damn. I've learnt what I needed to, the result is immaterial.

3. Planning a visit to my parents later in the week.


Michele Boselli said...

ciao, nice blog

Anne Brooke said...

Good luck, Cathy - I'll be thinking of you. Go for it, gal!


Catherine said...

How did it go? Do tell. Hope it works out for you Cathy.

Cathy said...

Thanks. I survived, that is about all I can say!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Hi Cathy,

Hope your exam reslut is what you hoped for ~ as an OU-er myself I knwo only too well the difficulties of juggling life & exams, and writing and everything else. No exam for me this year thoug (for the first time in four years!).

Just out of interest, how did you find K272? I finished a psychology degree with the OU in December, and this lookks like it might fit nicely onto the CV of an aspiring psychologist!

Best wishes

Cathy said...

Hi Kate

To be honest I am a bit ambivalent about K272. It did all start to come together right at the end and some of the course material was very interesting. is a bit waffly and many people seemed to be getting lower than expected TMA marks.

There is an OUSA K272 conference if you still have First Class access which you might find interesting...there are copies of some students revision notes on there at present to give you a feel for a few of the topics.

If you want to know anymore there is an email address in my Blogger profile, just email me!