Monday, July 30, 2007

Psychic cats

A footnote to the story of Oscar the psychic cat which was one of my three notable things last Thursday. Nerd Bunny dropped in to tell me that there is a cat with a similar gift at the hospice where she works. There must be something in this. Does anyone else know a psychic animal? I wonder what these cats pick up on...smell or atmosphere, or are they really psychic?

I have decided to take a short Open University course in writing plays this autumn in preparation for the level three course due to launch next year, which will apparently feature scriptwriting as well as the more familiar fiction, poetry and life writing. The short courses are very enjoyable...I have already done the courses in fiction and poetry...and an excellent starting point for any aspect of writing.

Three notable things:

1. Contacting an old OU tutor via Facebook and getting a lovely note back.

2. Working on the blog which supports my fledgling work-in-progress novel.

3. Not losing my new titanium magnetic bracelet in a store on Saturday. I caught the catch and it fell off but I quickly realised it had gone and found it on the floor.


Jackie Luben said...

I tried to send you a message on Facebook, but couldn't read any of their incomprehensible codes, nor fathom out how to retrieve a number from my mobile code. However, I did manage to confirm that you are my friend.

I'm feeling very technologically challenged.

Cathy said...

Jackie...can't help but ask Anne, she seems to know her way round! Yes you are showing as my friend, thanks.


Anne Brooke said...

We're such Facebook groupies now, gals!! And well done on the new OU course, Cathy - sounds wonderful.



Jackie Luben said...

Just wanted to pick up on your comment about the cat. I don't have any animals, but I've been fascinated to hear about dogs who seem to know in advance when someone is going to have an epileptic fit. Epileptics who have these dogs are given advance warning and know they should get to a safe place before the onset of the fit.


rilly super said...

good luck with the novel cathy, hope you get loads done in the holidays.

don't know about psychic cats, pets seem to be more of the psychaitric variety around here...

Cathy said...

Jackie...yes I'd forgotten about those dogs.There are so many amazing stories about animals sensing when their owners are in need of help.

Rilly... thanks for the novel wishes. Are all pets psychotic up north then?

merry weather said...

Yes, good luck with your novel - I've got one of those blogs but I'd not be brave enough to show it - well done Cathy, it looks promising....

Cathy said...

Thanks Merry. I must admit I've only just made it public and I won't be posting on it often. I hoped by doing so, it would give me a kick up the backside to get on and write rather than procrastinate!