Sunday, July 22, 2007

Devon interlude

It was a quiet, relaxing time. My parents live in a wellknown retirement and tourist resort with a promenade and attractive little shops and, in the distance, the intiguing sight of the beached and wrecked MSC Napoli. More on that later, but if you look very carefully in this photo you might just spot its shape on the horizon.

The two whole days down there were largely spent pottering around the shops and being taken out for coffee by my mother. Going out for coffee is a big social event in that little town. On the second day we all went out for lunch in a nearby inland village and then on to walk for a while in another tiny resort.

My parents are not getting any younger, so evenings were spent quietly at home. I had taken several books to read, yet barely started them. Instead our time was spent looking at old photos and family trees, trying to piece together my heritage, and just chatting.

Three notable things:

1. Enjoying being beside the sea once again.

2. Exploring the local charity shops and buying books by Lorrie Moore and Mary Gordon. In fact I could have bought several more books if I had been able to carry them back to London, but I like to travel light!

3. A lovely lunch in a restaurant where, for most of the time, I was the youngest client by at least ten years!


Jan said...

Lucky you, Cathy! Glad you had a good rest with your folks.
I haven't got mine around now to potter with and still miss them! However I've just had family here for 2 weeks.... and one of the best things was seeing for the very 1st time, just HOW much of my lovely dad is found in my eldest son..
I love all these echoes we see whispering through passing generations..

Anne Brooke said...

Sounds lovely, Cathy - glad it was a good time!