Friday, July 06, 2007

Shopaholic strikes again

I was only going to the bank, honestly. Not my usual bank, but the one used by the local charity group for which I am treasurer. I had cheques to pay in.

Next door to the bank is an Oxfam shop. Well I couldn't resist, could I? So I came away with Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris and The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter for my bookshelf. I have never read any Angela Carter and I think it is about time I did.

I also bought this book, which I had never heard of before - Let the Crazy Child Write! by Clive Matson. My library of 'how to write' books is growing rapidly. Now all I need to do is apply the knowledge I am collecting!

Today's three notable things:

1. Finding good books in a small charity shop.

2. Laughing at son 2 covered in my make-up, just before his school bus arrived.

3. Doing no paid work or study and not feeling at all guilty about that.


Anne Brooke said...

Five Quarters of the Orange is absolutely the best Harris has done!!! Enjoy!!



Anonymous said...

I never think to go and get books from the charity shops and yet we have an abundance of them near where I live.

Good on you for point no 3. :0)

Anonymous said...

BTW you have been responsible for me dancing around the living room with my children.

I absolutely love Atomic by Blondie and Back to Black by Amy Whinehouse.

Because I know you have them linked I nip to your site and click on your links. :-)

Cathy said...

Glad my blog has some use, Sue!!