Thursday, July 26, 2007

My day

I'm feeling rather tired this evening, so I think I will just sum up my day in three notable things:

1. Reading a couple of good short stories by Rose Tremain and James Lasdun whilst waiting at the clinic for son 1. Both stories were shortlisted for the National Short Story Prize 2006 and the Lasdun tale won.

2. Having a lunch of lovely home-cooked Indian vegetarian food with friends.

3. Watching a news report about Oscar the 'psychic' cat in Rhode Island.


Jan said...

I saw this re Oscar.
I also read how there are other cats there but only Oscar possesses this gift.
Cats ARE strang, weird, wonderful creatures; my pair are stalwarts, very important beings in my life.

Cathy said...

Jan, I agree that cats are both wonderful and weird! My mother in law used to have one that would spend hours sitting just looking at the radiator and would ignore all humans. We thought he might be autistic and now someone has written a book called 'All Cats have Aspergers Syndrome...or something similar.

Kore said...

Hi Cathy. I have great interest in this story! I work at a Hospice In Hove, East Sussex. Around 1 year ago a pretty female cat began hanging around the ward buildings and one of our patients began feeding her as she was tiny and apparently a little neglected. Needless to say she felt welcomed and stayed! We continued to care for the cat at the Hospice after the patient who had cared for her had died and no owner could be traced. She is now named Misty and is the official Hospice cat. However, since her early days with us, she became affectionately known as the "predict-a-cat" due to her ability to identify the most sick and needy patients. She frequently sits outside rooms an hour or so before a patient dies, and is often found curled up with dying patients, (relatives allowing!). She is comforting to staff and patients alike. But her ability to seek out the most in need of her comfort is fascinating. In recent months, all staff have come to take notice of where Misty chooses to sit and sleep as she is rarely wrong. Although, it's worth noting that the experienced staff in the Hospice rely on more than the cat to care for dying patients! She has been a gift to us in teh truest sense.
Hope you are well.
NB x