Sunday, July 29, 2007

Silly season

It's school holidays again. I shall be largely confined to home for the next five weeks with just odd days off for good behaviour when son 2 is at playscheme.

This may be a Good Thing.

I may get lots written. On the other hand, the house will be noisy, very noisy, and the kids will demanding. So I may not.

So I started the holiday as I mean to go on, by wasting time creating a WeeMee which will become my new face on the web, as I hate having my photo taken. What do you think of it?

To make matters worse I have just opened an account on Facebook, which I fear could become another big distraction. Over the Christmas holidays I joined MySpace and have made lots of mainly writer friends there. Some of those are already on Facebook and I am sure that, with all the publicity it is currently getting, more and more people will be signing up. I used to think that these sites were just for kids but actually they are quite a good way to network, in a similar manner to the blogging world. So I can add social networking sites to various forums and blogs on which I seem to spend half my day. No wonder the housework doesn't seem to get done very often...

But...I need some more Facebook friends as Anne is feeling lonely. If any of you are on there, please come and say hello.

Three notable things:

1. Yet more book browsing and buying in town yesterday, followed by two free cups of Earl Grey tea in the Debenhams Goldcard lounge.

2. Son 2 bringing home an excellent end of term report. He is really making progress in most areas except reading and writing. So he doesn't take after his Mum then!

3. Son 2's video and dvd players both packing up at the start of the holiday. Hubby will have to go on a replacement mission to Currys tomorrow!


Jenny Beattie said...

Hi there

I've just come by to say hello. I'm one of the novel racers, but I've been away from blogging for a few weeks.

Jackie Luben said...

I like your new face, Cathy.

I joined Facebook, a few weeks ago, but haven't worked out how to do anything more than that. So I think I'll have to stick to saying hallo here.

I've finally managed to work out how to add links, and have added you to my list.


Cathy said...

Hi JJ, good to see you here.

Jackie...Yes Facebook does seem a bit complicated, but if I get stuck I'll ask Anne, she seems to have got it sussed! Thanks for linking to me.

Anonymous said...

I like your new WeeMee.

Good news on the school report and shame about the electricals. They always seem to go at the same time.

Sue x

Anne Brooke said...

Great news on the report, Cathy! And I love the new pic of course! And I'm sure you'll have loads of Facebook friends soon - you'll hardly notice me



Cathy said...

Anne and Sue...special school reports are really different to mainstream, but the important thing is that we all celebrate any chievement, however small.

Cathy said...

That should, of course read achievement. My laptop keyboard is knackered so I must remember to read before posting!!