Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How weird is this?

I confess that I am seemingly untidy and disorganised. But most of the time I do actually know where to find anything important.

Not this week though. I remembered receiving an examination allocation letter from the Open University several weeks ago. I knew I had put it on the coffee table and then into a cardboard box which currently stands beside the coffee table and contains an eclectic mix of books, magazines, correspondence, study materials and other things to be read or dealt with.

At the weekend I decided to dig out the letter in preparation for my exam next Monday. It wasn't there. I went through the box thoroughly, looked on the coffee table shelf and under the sofa, checked any other places I might put such things for safety. No letter.

I decided it wasn't worth stressing over. On Monday morning I phoned the Open University and told a little white lie about it probably having been lost in the post, because it was just too embarrassing to explain it had been lost in my lounge. A very nice lady said she would put a copy in the post immediately. It arrived this morning.

So why, when I came to sit down on the sofa just a few minutes ago, did I find the original letter, still in its plastic packaging, lying on the floor right beside my feet? Is it my mind playing tricks on me or do we have a poltergeist in the house?

Three notable things:

1. Coffee with supportive friends this morning.

2. Spotting a tiny wren sitting on our garden fence.

3. Finding the exam letter!


Anne Brooke said...

Important letters - they're a nightmare! Glad it turned up again - twice!



Jackie Luben said...

Never ever put important things in a safe place. It's usually impossible to remember what safe place you put it into.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
Poltergeist, obviously.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I'm fairly well organised, and I have had similar experiences. So I'm with Andrea on this one.

Cathy said...

Thanks Anne!

Jackie you are so right. That is how it always is in our house.

Andrea and Zinnia - I think it must be a poltergeist. Especially as weird things suddenly appear out of thin air in my mother's house too!