Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thoughts on the floods

So I was inconvenienced by the floods on Friday. But at least I got back and had a dry home to return to. Watching pictures on the BBC news of the floods this summer, first those up in the north and now those in the west and south of the country, really started me thinking about how we, as a family, would cope in such a situation.

How would an autistic child, or adult, even to begin to understand what was going on? Son 2 would have no concept of the dangers of the flood water or the need to conserve power and drinking water. Son 1, being agoraphobic, would find evacuating the house very hard, even in an emergency. They would both be devastated to loose possessions.

It is a scary thought.

Three notable things:

1. Writing a poem today. I don't often get the urge to write a poem, but I was inspired by something I heard yesterday.

2. Sorting out a set of symbols for son 2 to use as a communication aid this summer.

3. It was a warm, dry day and I didn't go out at all. Why not?


Anne Brooke said...

Well done on the poem, Cathy! And I think the flood situation is scary for everyone.



Unknown said...

It's good to look at life differntly and that might be what inspired the peom as I think the best peoms make us do that :-)

rilly super said...

yes, it is pretty scary for everyone. Our river is a spate river, which means it's basically a natural storm drain and standing by it in full thunder, on it's way down to York, the power of it is quite humbling, and to think of that breaking out of it's banks and coming into contact with houses and streets, which one of the local tributary becks did last week, is quite terrifying. It really does destroy anything that comes into it's path. All those people who've been flooded face months and months and months of upheaval, long after the news reporters have gone

Cathy said...

Scary things these floods. I'm just glad we don't live near a river!