Friday, July 13, 2007


A fabulous new website called Bookarazzi has just been launched.

It is the public face of a group of nearly 50 bloggers belonging to the private BloggersWithBookDeals forum, all of whom have either published a book or currently have a book contract. The group includes a number of my own favourite bloggers, some of whom are also members of the Novel Racers group I recently joined, but for a full list and links to the individual blogs of the writers, see here.

The site contains articles, links and advice, a group blog and of course the opportunity for the members to promote their own work. I think it will be well worth keeping an eye on, so do go and take a look.

My new ambition is to be able to become a member of this elite group of bloggers, but I think I have some way to go yet!

Three notable things:

1. Looking forward to getting back to the writing next week.

2. Just avoiding most of the rain whilst doing a supermarket shop with son 1 this morning.

3. Son 2 coming home with two certificates from sports week, as he is the least sporty child you could imagine!


Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog.
Secondly, your blog has given some very useful information especially to me! I am currently writing a novel about, you guessed it, the paranormal and will at some stage be trying (very hard no doubt) to promote it - together with getting it published of course!! Thank you very much for this information and I will definitely be looking at it.

Crystal xx

Cathy said...

Crystal, lovely to see you.

Your blog is always so beautifully written and we have lots in common, as you have no doubt realised.

I've just added you to my blogroll, it was an oversight that I hadn't done so before.


Jackie Luben said...

I just read your yesterday's blog, Cathy and am so much in agreement with you about 'prescriptive statements about adverbs, etc, from other writers. Other writers who I know have also added that your verb should be so strong that it shouldn't need to be qualified by an adverb. I sometimes think that this fashion will fade away, when the so-called 'strong' verbs start to distract from the writing, as it suggested that verbs replacing 'said' do. I'm all in favour of simplicity of language, so never likely to come up with these clever verbs.

Quite agree with what crystal says - you do come out with useful information. Best of luck with the exam next week; I'm sure you will do better than you imagine you're going to.

Debi said...

Thanks for the Bookarazzi plug, Cathy. We are so NOT elite but I hope you'll still want to join when you get the success you so richly deserve!

Meanwhile I hope you'll find the site useful and look forward to seeing you there.

Cathy said...


I'm with you on simplicity of language. There is nothing I hate more than fiction which is 'overwritten'. Your own style is lovely by the way, 'The Fruit of the Tree' was so readable.


Cathy said...

Hi Debi

I meant 'elite' in the nicest possible way of course...clever, experienced, successful!

I already 'know' some of you through your lovely blogs, which both amuse and inspire me. I'm sure Bookerazzi will do the same and of course I would want to join in should that elusive book contract ever come my way. (Note to self...first you have to write the damned thing...)