Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My favourite blog

At the moment my favourite blog is 'petite anglaise', the blog of a thirtysomething Englishwoman living in Paris. I was unaware of this blog until the author hit the headlines earlier this year for being fired, on account of her blogging activity, by the stuffy accountancy firm at which she was a secretary. As a former accountant myself I found this amusing, especially as I think I may have once had an interview at the main London office of the same firm.

But I digress. This girl can really write. She has been called the Bridget Jones of Paris, but her anecdotes are far more absorbing than those of Helen Fielding's comic creation. I am going back to the blog on a regular basis to read the archives and the comments. She has recently been offered a book deal with Penguin and if she can maintain the same quality of writing for a whole book then it is well deserved.

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