Monday, October 09, 2006

Excuses not to write?

Ever since we got broadband I have spent far too much time on the net. There is always something to distract me....ebay, forums, blogs and much, much more, but some of it has been useful for my writing.

I am gradually putting some of my favourite blogs and websites into the links section here. Some I like for the content and others for the amount of links to other sites they provide. I will also try to provide links to other things that have caught my attention. Some will be writing related, others not.

One of my current favourites is Oceangram which could also be good for writing prompts. Send and receive messages in a won't get a reply to your own message but will get random thoughts from all over the world. Something might just trigger the imagination. can take a while for a message to come through so leave the site open in a minimised window and check back regularly!

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