Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Local drama

I was just about to take son 2 to playscheme this morning when I noticed a police car half blocking our drive, an ambulance opposite and neighbours, police and ambulance crew standing outside the front door of a frail, elderly lady across the road. Hubby was off work today so went to investigate. It appears she had fallen, possibly yesterday evening, and was lying at the foot of the stairs unable to move. Unfortunately she had not left a spare door key with anyone, so nobody could gain access to the house. Just as we left for playscheme a policeman was smashing in one of her front windows. By the time I returned she had been taken to hospital and the smashed window was being patched up with what looks like corrugated iron.

It made me think about the lack of community here in London. We have lived in our house for 18 years, yet I don't think we have ever spoken to this neighbour. We do leave a spare house key with friends in the next road, but not with immediate neighbours as we don't feel we know them well enough. We live in an ever changing multicultural community where people get along on a superficial level yet at the same time keep themselves to themselves. But at least someone noticed the lights on all night at this old lady's house and summoned help. I wonder if she will ever move back there?

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