Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I've done it

This afternoon I printed out my story and covering letter then walked to the post office to post it before I could change my mind. Will I count as a real writer when the rejection slip arrives?

Its horrible weather today so perhaps we all need a little escapism. How about watching animals at African waterholes? Try the streaming from Nkorho in South Africa or Pete's Pond in Botswana.I spotted a fantastic herd of elephants there the other morning! Unfortunately the streaming does fade in and out...or perhaps it's just my wireless connection, but when there are animals to see it can be amazing, very Lion King and that is one of my favourite Disney Movies.

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Anonymous said...

Mornev from A215 here. Fotgotten my log-in details ;-(

I visit Pete's Pond every day and am now of to the South African one.

Thanks for this.