Sunday, February 11, 2007

A success story

A busy and unexceptional weekend has been brightened by very good news today.

The talented Anne Brooke, one of my MySpace friends, has a new book, 'A Dangerous Man' out later this week and it is available right now from the Flame Books website.

Congratulations to Anne, and if you haven't already discovered her blog, do take a look either here or on MySpace. It's one of my must reads every day!


Anne Brooke said...

Gosh! Thanks, Cathy - you're a total star! Cheque's in the post, m'dear, or it would be if I actually had any money ...

Many thanks indeed for the vote of confidence!


Cathy said...

Writers don't get paid, do they?!

You're welcome, Anne, hope to see it in the Amazon bestsellers list soon...


Anne Brooke said...

In my dreams only, I think, Cathy!!!