Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A better day today

I wish this virus would decide whether to get really bad or go away completely! At the moment it seems to revisit me about once a week and then clear up as quickly as it came. When I woke up this morning my head and sinuses were clearer and I was no longer sneezing. Surely one dose of paracetamol last night can't have chased it all away?

To improve my mood even further, my Open University assignment finally came back in the post. I was quite pleased with the mark which leaves me in a quandary. Yesterday I had decided that if the mark was bad I would effectively give up on the course...I want to continue reading to the end for what I am learning but I would not worry too much over the assignments and would not attend the final exam, which would automatically fail me.

Not that I want to fail of course, but I have enough stress in my life right now without a subject I am studying primarily for 'fun' causing me even more grief. Ho hum. I guess I will carry on trying hard for now.

Keep your eye on my novel word count, it is still creeping slowly up!


Anne Brooke said...

Well done on that mark, Cathy! Don't give up on it now - you'll feel wonderful when you've got it under your belt. Sending strong thoughts your way ...


Anonymous said...

Well done. Sometimes when we least expect it, the nicer things happen.

The course is obviously important to you or you would have given up on it already.

Stress it seems is an inevitable part of a womans life.

I don't normally print this type of thing, but I was sent an email today and I've pasted it in to my blog under A Little Smile for you to have a look at. Go check it out. :-)