Monday, February 26, 2007

No time to write

I'm pulling my hair out over my essay on personality disorders, Hubby is pushing me to get on with his bookkeeping and Son 1 decided to have a crisis today and seems to have rather given up on life.

My copy of Suite Francaise arrived in the post from Amazon and a friend who has just read it wants me to read it soon so we can discuss it. But when will I have time?

Oh and I need to lose weight, I have put on a lot since Son 1 became ill as I am much more confined to home and have frozen my gym membership. Not that I did anything too energetic there, but I did enjoy yoga and swimming. Diet and exercise is needed, along with less chocolate, I fear. It's always the damned chocolate which makes me put on weight. Oh well it's nearly time for my next monthly targets...


Jackie Luben said...

Feel very sympathetic, Cathy. Although my other half is sem-retired and therefore the workload for me is greatly diminished, I am nevertheless finishing off the VAT and other bookkeeping today.

and like you, I've put on weight,worryingly, since Christmas, rather than during the holiday period. I too am a great lover of chocolate and have been indulging too much. Roll on spring, then perhaps I won't be tempted.


Anonymous said...


Just choose one priority for this week other than son 1 of course.

Can the diet start after Easter?

Is there an urgent deadline on the book-keeping?

Is there a deadline for the essay and is it more urgent than the book-keeping?

Read the book for yourself when you have time to enjoy it. Maybe at night to unwind.

Sometimes we impose things on ourselves that don't need to be there - I am so guilty of doing that!

Just look after yourself kiddo.

Sue xx

Cathy said...

I've sorted my priorities for this week and they don't include the bookkeeping!

As for the diet, I had a Cadbury's Creme Egg today...starting after Easter is probably a very good idea!!