Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday tutorial

I've been into London today for the second tutorial on my current OU course. One and a half hours on personality disorders, which is quite complicated stuff.

The journey there involves two changes of tube train. One of these is at Bond Street which is the station I used to go to every day when I worked in the West End almost twenty years ago. I was on such autopilot this morning that I ended up actually exiting the station instead of changing lines and had to go straight back in! As a result I got to the LSE where the tutorial was being held with just a couple of minutes to spare..

I went to Oxford Street afterwards to do a little shopping and have a coffee and sandwich before heading homewards and then stopping off at our local shopping centre for more odds and ends.

Home by five and then out for a brisk walk with Son 1 so now I'm tired, but actually quite relaxed after a day out.

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