Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A funny old day...

I thought I had a phone tutorial at 9.30am. But it didn't happen and I can't find where (if at all) I wrote the date down. It's certainly not on my Google Calendar. So it could be tomorrow, or Friday or next week even! Still it made me get the book out again and read it...

I'm still feeling rough so decided to have another quiet day at home and I cancelled my appointment with the dental hygienist. I'm afraid the novel writing has also slipped for a couple of days, but I'll get back to it as soon as I feel better. I promise I will (for any Novel Racers who may be reading...)

My afternoon was much cheered by the arrival of all the course material for my next Open University course, E301, which starts at the end of January. It actually looks as if it will be very interesting, but as it is a level three course in a subject area almost entirely new to me, it may also be a challenge. Still I've always liked challenges!

Three notable things:

1. As I put son 2 on the school bus this morning ( after he had delayed it for ages by messing me around indoors) I noticed a very dirty mark smeared all over his chin. I think it was dried on toothpaste. All I could do was ask the escort to pass on a message to school to clean him up when he gets there. Bad Mum!

2. Son 1 is now going down with the dreaded cough lurgy.

3. I wonder how many of us will be ill for Christmas? It wouldn't be the first time, we've previously had Christmas Day interrupted by flu and chicken pox, though thankfully not at the same time!


Sue said...

This cough lurgy is awful isn't it, we've had a good dose within our family. Hope you get rid of it soon.

(This hasn't helped getting my son into school either.)

Good luck with the OU course too.

Sue xx

Lane Mathias said...

Get better and then do some writing.

And the toothpaste? Just proves that brushing has been done. I'd love to see my youngest with toothpaste around her mouth:-)

Jenny Beattie said...

Yes, don't stress about writing when you're sick.

I once had a christmas where I was really unwell - piggybacking between ibuprofen and paracetamol to try and control the pain and fever. I came down for lunch and can only remember my daughter in a purple velour dress, standing on husband's knees swaying above the table. At least I think that's what they were doing! I should've stayed in bed...

Take care, get better and thank you for the award yesterday!!! I will blog about it soooooon.


Anne Brooke said...

Hope you're all fighting fit for Christmas, m'dear! Still time for you to recover.


Flowerpot said...

further to your query on my blog about the tape - it's not available yet, but if you follow the link on the westcountry website and click on documentaries for Hall of Fame you can see it there!

Caroline said...

E301 is an interesting course. I have so many students who do the course I teach (E303) and then go on to that one.

I'll look forward to hearing what you think about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually ill on Christmas day with a bad cold and end up not being able to taste my turkey dinner!

I shouldn't bother about anything while you feel poorly. Just get better soon.

Take care, Crystal xx

Kore said...

IT sounds very exciting to have your OU courses on the go. I miss having the study actually. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly, more than K272 anyway!
NB x

Cathy said...

Thanks everyone. Am finally starting to feel a bit more human!, toothpaste on the face doesn't mean teeth have been just means he has been eating or playing with the toothpaste...

Flowerpot...thanks, I found the link.

Caroline...I looked at E303 but it looked far too scarily intellectual. Not that I am thinking that E301 will be easy, but it seems to fit in better with the creative writing and previous modern languages study.

Nerd Bunny...are you going to do any more OU in the future? Even just a short course for fun?