Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter arrives

So, Easter weekend is here.

It seems weird not having Easter in the middle of a school holiday. Son 2 is totally confused, however much we tell him that there is no school today (or Monday), he keeps putting his coat and school bag ready by the front door.

Son 1 is sleeping a lot after having something of a setback over the last few weeks and me, well I've got to go to Tesco today. I've also got a tricky assignment to start to write and I'm floundering...

Three notable things:

1. Coffee with a foster carer friend yesterday, when we had a very interesting conversation about the difficulties of finding local foster carers for disabled kids, inspired by my reading of When the Bough Breaks. She is going to take some of what we discussed back to the Local Authority.

2. We have too much chocolate in the house. But it is well hidden, I hope!

3. I'm hosting the coffee break over at Novel Racers today.


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, Easter now is tricky for everyone, I think. Hope the family situation calms down for you all, and good luck with that assignment - just do one sentence, Cathy, and you'll be on your way.

Hugs & stuff and have a good w/e


Yvonne said...

Good luck with the assignment Cathy and don't let Tesco beat you! Happy Easter.

Casdok said...

Yes im compleatly thrown this year!
Happy easter to you all!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

The Easter holidays are confusing this year, hope you have a lovely Easter and best of luck with your assignment.