Thursday, March 06, 2008

Growing up

With two teenagers in the house this subject is on my mind quite a lot at the moment. So I just wondered, when do you think you grew up? Or perhaps you still haven't?

For me I think it happened overnight when I was 31. The night son 1 was born, very unexpectedly and six weeks early, after an almost trouble free pregnancy. At six o'clock in the evening I was innocently watching TV as my waters broke. By six o'clock the next morning I was the mother of a baby struggling for life in intensive care. He spent six weeks in total in special care before we could take him home.

Life was never the same again.

Three notable things:

1. Son 2 is 14 today.

2. Son 1 has been suffering very badly from anxiety for the last week. We know why and it was expected, but it will still be a big challenge for him to overcome his fears.

3. I have finished the end of course project for one of my OU courses today, so now I just have one course to concentrate on. Hooray!


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, I can see how becoming a mother would make you feel very adult indeed. I'm not sure when my moment of adult realisation was - possibly only fairly recently and after my sessions of counselling? I'm not really sure, to be honest. Maybe it's a more gradual thing for me, and I tend to bounce back and forth from it?

Your post has certainly made me think!


Casdok said...

Happy birthday Son 2!
When did i grow up?! Good question, but yes like you it was proberly when i gave birth.

Andrea said...

Well done on finishing that project Cathy.
And happy birthday to son 2.
I didn't grow up when I gave birth. I grew up six days later when I was sitting at home watching my baby sleeping and it struck me that he was entirely my responsibility. This wasn't a babysitting gig. Nobody was coming by to pick him up.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday son number 2.

Sue Guiney said...

Hope son 2 had a great day and son 1 makes it through his difficult time! When did I grow up? Did I ever? Just when I think I have, something happens to show me maybe I haven't after all :)

Anonymous said...

A happy birthday to son 2. Well done finishing your course work.

I haven't grown up yet.

Crystal xx

Lane Mathias said...

Birth of first daughter was certainly a wake up call. Don't know whether I've grown up yet though:-)

Happy birthday son no2!
Have a good weekend:-)

Jackie Luben said...

I certainly changed after the cot death of my second child. But in some ways I was grown up even when I was a teenager, even though I was incredibly naive and unsophisticated. My father suffered from various physical ailments as well as depression and from a fairly early age I felt responsible for the happiness of my parents. Perhaps that's something to do with being an only child.

Well done on completing the course.

john said...

Well Im 21 and still feel 16. According to a friend I also look 16 which is a bit worrying. I dont feel like a child, yet I dont feel grown up either.