Monday, March 31, 2008

Crisis? What Crisis?

What I didn't mention yesterday is that Son 1 is not the only member of the family in hospital.

200 miles away my Dad is in hospital having tests for chest pains...not the first time this has occurred, but last time no cause was discovered. I only learned about this yesterday although he was rushed to hospital in the middle of last week.

Then in a completely different part of the country there are complicated issues with the in-laws. Step-father-in-law is in hospital, mother-in-law is very confused and needs help but so far won't accept it.

A triple whammy.

Three notable things:

1. I forgot to mention that I hosted my second coffee morning at Novel Racers on Friday.

2. I still have that pesky assignment to finish...but I have been granted a seven day extension if I need it.

3. Son 1 seems to be OK so far.


Casdok said...

It dosnt rain but it pours. Good to hear Son 1 is ok so far.
So sorry to hear about your father. I hope he is ok. And your step-father-in-law.
I think you need more than coffee!

Anonymous said...


I hope everything works out ok.


Jen said...

God, how does everything happen at once like that? the Universe can be a sod sometimes. Sounds as if you're bearing up better than most.

Sue Guiney said...

Cathy -- After reading about your son's illness yesterday I posted a comment which now doesn't seem to be here, so i thought I'd check in again. Just to say that we went through a similar situation with our older son when he was 16 -- he may have been at the same hospital your son is in now. As long as he's asking for and receiving help, I know he'll be fine. My son is now 24 and great. A real functioning, wonderful, empathetic and talented man. There's light at the end. If you want to "talk" or anything, here's my emil: Love, Sue

Anne Brooke said...

Lord, poor you. Agree with Casdok - and hope all better soon.

Love & hugs