Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, new blog

Yes you are in the right place, I've just changed my template for 2008.

I'm not going mad but I wanted my blog to fit in better with the template of my website, either by colour or by mood. I think that this colour works, even though the template is more modern, it makes it seem more cohesive if clicking through from the website. I can't quite get the colours to match, but may take another look later.

Happy New Year to you all!

Three notable things:

1. I fell asleep last night. At 10pm. How embarrassing is that?

2. Son 1 has been feeling quite a lot better.

3. I have written an Open University assignment today!


Casdok said...

New year, new blog! Love it!
Glad to hear your son is feeling better. And well done for doing an assignment!
You have been busy this year!!

Jackie Luben said...

Glad to hear things have gone well today, Cathy, and happy new year.


B.E. Sanderson said...

I like what you've done with the place. ;o)

Have a happy and productive 2008.

Anne Brooke said...

Many congrats on so many achievements this year already! And I love the new look



Jen said...

Ooh, a new look AND a new website - that's brill!

Sounds as if you've setting 2008 off at a cracking pace - long may it continue.

Lane Mathias said...

Hey, what a makeover! Looking good Cathy .... and the website too:-)
Happy New Year m'dear

Anonymous said...

Great new look! Happy new year to you also, Cathy. May it be a good one for you and your family.

And I say fall asleep when you like. Nothing like a good night's sleep!

Crystal xx

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I like the new template. But why is it embarrassing to fall asleep at 10 pm? If that was embarrassing for me, I would have shrivelled up and died of embarrassment many years ago.

Cathy said...

Ah Crystal and Zinnia, it was only embarrassing because it was New Years Eve and I had earlier been teasing Hubby because so often he falls asleep while I am watching Jools Holland and toasting in the New Year. This year the tables were turned....!

Drags said...

Love the new blog look Cathy...very serene...though there's probably a touch of irony in that comment LOL! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog too. x

Sue said...

Looks great Cathy and so does the website (took a sneaky look.

Good luck with everything in 2008.

Sue xx