Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The good and the bad...

Well, today's good news was that my lovely little car (jade-green metallic Nissan Micra, around 10 years old) has passed its MOT with no problem, apart from the fact that all four tyres are getting very close to the legal tread limit. Still, I do low mileage so they will probably be OK for a while and we can think about changing them at a time of year when we are feeling a little less poor.

The bad news is that my dentist subjected me to some intensive teeth cleaning and scraping this morning. He gave me an injection so it didn't hurt at the time, but my mouth is rather tender now. I've also spent the afternoon struggling with my Open University Writing Plays coursework, as the final assignment is looming. I know I'm far from the only person to be having difficulty getting into writing for the stage. I wonder why, when most of us will happily write fiction and poetry?

Three notable things:

1. Yahoo has identified the most strange and innovative British websites of 2007 and the list includes Free Rice, where lots of us have tested our vocabulary.

2. I read on Casdok's blog about the McCarron case in the USA, where a mother is on trial for suffocating her autistic daughter. I had not heard of this before. How very sad.

3. A BBC music poll has identified singer Adele as the hottest prospect for 2008. You can hear her here. I think I am going to like Adele.


Casdok said...

Congratulations to your car!
Sorry to hear about your dentist, never much fun is it!
The McCarron case is very sad. It happends all to often unfortunatly.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, painful dentistry. I don't like them at all. They always seem so cheerful when I go, a sadistic smile seems to lighten up their faces.

Crystal xx

Angie said...

Thanks for the links to Free Rice--a guilt-free addicting game!--and Adele--a new fantastic voice. I will watch for her album!

Hope the teeth pain goes away soon. :(

Anne Brooke said...

I agree with Casdok - completely! Sending hugs


Lane Mathias said...

Hope you mouth has recovered and yay for passing the MOT. It's always a bit nail biting I find:-)

Caroline said...

I like the sound of Adele too - great voice. And as for the OU course, I really fancied that one! Is it really difficult? :(

Cathy said...

Thanks all.

Angie and Caroline, do you also like Amy Winehouse, as I think Adele will appeal to the same people.

Caroline - re A176, no it is not really difficult, just different to the other OU writing courses. Also I think those of us who have already done higher level writing are possibly trying to make it more complicated than it is (if you see what I mean.) Email me if you want to know more. But I would say go for it!


Yvonne said...

Great about the MOT, sorry about the dentist, and I struggle with script writing too, not sure why?!?