Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back again

Sorry about the blogging hiatus. A combination of illness, school holidays, Open University work deadlines and a sheer lack of inspiration were the cause. But I'm back now and in the last few days I've seen lots of news snippets worth talking about.

There was an interesting article by Blake Morrison in the Guardian yesterday, about how reading groups can help people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities. I have long been aware of the potential of arts therapies, but this was further food for thought and fits in well with the holistic approach to health care. After all such therapy is already widely used - art therapy, music therapy, therapeutic creative writing for example - it is just a shame more can't be provided on the NHS. Bibliotherapy is such a great word too!

Three notable things:

1. Britney seems to have imploded. Again.

2. 27 teenagers were murdered in London last year. We are less than a week into 2008 and two have been killed. Thank goodness our Borough is statistically one of the safest, though I know the problem is not confined to London anyway. It is a worrying time to be a parent.

3. Is America ready for a black President and might women actually vote one in?


Casdok said...

Reading groups are an interesting idea.

Britney, what can one say apart from i hope she will let herself take the help that she needs. Its her children i feel sorry for.

Oh and good to see you back and on form!!

Yvonne said...

Good to have you back Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Britney needs a bomb up her arse. Sorry to be blunt but all these A listers who are completely spoiling themselves and constantly getting their face splashed all over gossip magazines obviously have no thought for their children.

It's always good to see you blogging, Cathy. You're so good at it.

Best wishes to you, Crystal xx

Anne Brooke said...

Blake Morrison - such a wonderful writer. Love his stuff!



Cathy said...

Thanks everyone, it's good to be back (though I have been quietly keeping up with your blogs...)

Anne,I'm going to show my literary ignorance.I know Blake Morrison's name, but don't know what he has written. Am off to Google now...


Anne Brooke said...

His best is, I think, his first novel, "The Testament of Johan Gutenberg" (or similar title!) - though I haven't yet read his 2nd as I don't think it's in paperback yet. It's on my list though!

He also does very good memoirs of his family.



Lane Mathias said...

Interesting Washington Post Article cathy. Do you think it could really happen?

The rise in stabbings and gun crime is shudderingly awful. Yes, it is a frightening time to be a parent.

Nice to see you back:-)

Cathy said...

I don't know if Obama can do it, Lane. But the Oprah endorsement must help with the women's vote.

Anne - thanks for the Blake Morrison info. Will have to look out for his books.