Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've spent the last two days immersed in linguistic jargon for my new Open University course.

Now I knew when I signed up for this course that it was going to be a challenge, because it is third year course and I am new to both English language studies and linguistics. But I am not the only student in that position and I do at least have a former academic background in modern languages and European literature.

Anyway, although it seemed daunting at first read, when I came to write up some notes this evening it all started to make some sense. Which is encouraging. I want to now start on next week's work, as I need to get ahead before half term, but the coming two days are going to be busy and I really need to actually do some writing!

Three notable things:

1. Course content details are up for the new level three creative writing course at the OU.

2. Receiving a late birthday card with a picture I love and have pinned on the board above my desk.

3. Doing a much needed backup of all my photos, music and files onto an external hard drive this morning.


Caroline said...

It's an interesting course. I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. I must admit that I've just experienced my first tinge of feeling down about leaving the OU.

Cathy said...

Why don't you go back to teach creative writing?

Jen said...

Ooh, off I toddle to check out the writing course... ta for the tip.

Glad you're enjoying the linguistics course - may have to pick your brains about that sometime.

Casdok said...

I can understand that you need to get ahead before half term! Hasnt it come round quickly!
Good luck!

Sue Guiney said...

Why is school always so daunting? It seems the older we get the more that's true. Even those of us who teach feel that way. Good luck!

Jenny Beattie said...

Oooh, Cathy, I am jealous, I'd love to study again (again).

Cathy said...

Jen...are going for it?

Casdok...yes, halfterm, argh!

Sue...studying when you have lots of other things going on does requir a certain amount of descipline. But actually Im loving and I think Im probably getting more from the academic side than I did at 18.

JJ...why dont you?


Jen said...

The Level 3 Creative Writing? Yep, sure am! Are you?

Cathy said...

Jen...yes Im definitely going for the level 3 CW. The good news is, for me anyway, that it appears someone different is writing the poetry parts this time!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the stamina to finish a course. I started a course 2 years ago and still haven't got half way through. The writing took over.

Crystal xx

hesitant scribe said...

That looks fascinating. I'm off sick at the minute, so just starting to miss my academic existence! Now O never thought I'd miss teaching linguistics!

Hope you love the course!

Cathy said...

Aha, didn't know you were a linguistics expert too Lisa. You and Caroline better watch out when I get stuck! Actually I am finding it interesting, but remembering the jargon and theorists is so hard!