Monday, October 22, 2007

Both sides of the story

Two talented students of the Open University writing courses, Duncan Spencer and Andrea Smith have just set up a new website, Both Sides of the Story, to showcase their fiction writing.

Duncan and Andrea have been longtime collaborators, since meeting on one of the OU online courses, and challenge each other to write a story on a specific theme every other week. Their website shows the impressive results. It is well worth a look.

Three notable things:

1. 'Always the bridesmaid and never the bride' could have been the motto of British sport this weekend. But we should all be proud of the rugby team and of Lewis Hamilton.

2. DHL delivered my OU materials today for the Open to Change openings course. I hope it will be not only an easy 10 points towards a qualification, but also thought provoking, as I feel I need to make some changes in my life if I am going to make space and time for my writing and studying. What's more, the course materials came with their own little OU book bag. How cool!

3. Has Sharon Osbourne really left the X factor??


Drags said...

the ou course looks really interesting cathy. i've not spotted this one before and as i'm undergoing a monumental crisis of confidence, i wish i had!! i shall follow your progress with interest.....x

Cathy said...

Is it too late to register for this time round?

rilly super said...

I don't know how you manage to fit in all these courses cathy. somestimes as even the university of life has given me a third, sigh