Monday, October 08, 2007

Another birthday

Hot on the heels of the blog birthday on Saturday comes son 1's birthday today. My baby is 16. Which makes certain things legal...but I'd prefer not to think about that!

He couldn't make up his mind what he wanted for his main present, so we gave him money and today he and I went to the bank to open his first current account, with a standing order from my account to his for his allowance each week. We are trying to teach him some financial responsibility in the hope that he actually will be ready to fly the nest one day...

Three notable things:

1. Son 1's birthday. It has made me feel very old.

2. Thinking about the dedicated neo-natal unit staff who saved his life 16 years ago. My poem about the experience is here.

3. The M&S chocolate Doctor Who Dalek cake we will all be eating this evening to celebrate.


Drags said...

more birthday greetings to your household. hope it goes well and that you don't eat too much cake! just read the poem too - moved to tears. x

Lane Mathias said...

Fab poem Cathy and happy birthday to son no.1. Enjoy that Dalek cake and remember - the older they get, the younger you have to feel. It's the law:-)

Cathy said...

Aw, thank you ladies! The cake was lovely, but VERY rich!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, Cathy.

Many happy returns to your son, 16 is such a special age, a big turning point I always think.

Have a lovely time.
Crystal xx

Jackie Luben said...

Lovely poem, Cathy. I hope you've had a happy day.

It's my son's birthday on Thursday. He's a lot older than 16, and this year has an impressive zero at the end. I'm ignoring his age. I'm as old as I feel.

Lapa said...
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Catherine said...

And a Happy Birthday too. Congratulations on turning 16 to Son 1. I have found 16 to be a turning point. I hope you will too. Enjoy the cake.

Casdok said...

Yes happy birthday!
Kids getting older does make you feel old, dosnt it!
Very moving poem.

Marla said...

Your poem is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.