Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The path to self-destruction

Drink, drugs, self-harm, domestic violence, there seems to be little that Amy Winehouse is not allegedly involved in. The recent pictures of Amy and her new husband Blake Fielder-Civil, both bloodied and bruised, were shocking yet perhaps not surprising, as her recent performances have been erratic and unreliable...I commented on that at the beginning of the year.

Such a waste of talent. I liked Amy's first album, Frank, but I absolutely adored the latest, Back to Black, which has made her name on both sides of the Atlantic. The girl has the world at her feet if she could just accept help, soon.

Amy's parents-in-law and her father have spoken on the radio this week of the plight of Amy and Blake (click on the links for the transcripts) and there seems to be conflict as to what should be done.

But the truth of the matter is this; Amy and Blake are adults. They have the right to turn down treatment and help, even if doing so ultimately leads to tragedy. Actually even teenagers who are not legally adults cannot be forced to accept treatment they don't want and there is nothing a parent can do about it. The NHS has the right to withdraw services if they are not being accessed consistently. An adult has the right to refuse or to walk out of rehab, and all too many do.

Drink and drugs destroy too many lives, but none of this is new, as Pete Doherty's parents would no doubt tell Amy's. Sometimes all you can do is to sadly stand back and watch them self-destruct.

Three notable things:

1. The crosstrainer arrived at 8am and son 1 has assembled it.

2. I didn't damage the car I nudged into when reversing out of a parking space yesterday...

3. ...and I started to tackle the ironing mountain when I got home!


merry weather said...

Yes, it is sad watching those two and it is a familiar rock n roll story. I would imagine that changing their ways could be almost impossible... I read an account of Pete Doherty's life written by his mother recently and thought any talented child could fall down a similar path, God forbid. Tough times.

Yvonne said...

I think it's terrible that both sets of parents are talking to the media in such detail. Surely their kids will feel betrayed by their comments.

Stay at home dad said...

I hadn't really thought of it like that. Very frightening.

That behaviour does seem to follow the artistic temperament - I shall be recommending accountancy to my daughter at every turn!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the cross trainer assembled - have you used it yet?

As far as drugs are concerned, I think it's disgraceful that things are allowed to get so bad. I am pleased to say I know nothing on the subject of drugs and sincerely hope my daughter has the sense to say NO aswell.

Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

It's frightening that drugs are such a big part of today's youth culture.

I think it's about time that the media stopped glorifying people like Kate Moss who should be setting examples to youngsters.

It is a shame about Amy, as you rightly said, a talented singer. You can only hope they sort themselves out. Probably too insular at the moment to even notice what's going on around them.

john said...

wow, turning your garage in to a gym, thats what we want to do, when or rather if we ever sort it out.

I just read in a mag about a guy who murdered his friend because he had been taking drugs from the age of 15 and he was hearing voices. Sadly its not just the people who take the drugs that feel the effects.

However I did know someone who went on to drugs because he was being sexually abused by a women down his street. Thankfully his mum found out about it and he is off them now.