Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mind your language

I was commenting on Keris' blog earlier, when I was reminded of something amusing which happened recently.

Every Saturday morning during term time Son 2 goes to music therapy. Usually both Hubby and I take him together. Now to appreciate this, you have to realise that Son 2 is 13, severely autistic and nonverbal, except for the occasional utterance of 'Daddy'.

Anyway, this particular Saturday morning was very wet. We were in Hubby's car and Son 2 kept opening the window, a new habit of his. He is not supposed to for safety reasons of course, but especially not on a day like that when the wind was blowing the rain into the car through the glassless space.

He opened the window. Hubby pulled in and stopped the car until the window was shut. We set off and about 3 minutes later he opened the window again. We stopped. This pattern continued 4 or 5 times until we were not far from our destination. The window was finally closed yet again, son 2's fun spoilt. Hubby pulled out into the traffic, to the accompaniment of a barrage of 'jargon' ( not clear words) from Son 2, which sounded very much like a string of verbal abuse, ending in the clear word 'Daddy'!

How normal is that for a teenager?

Three notable things:

1. Not doing any paid accountancy work today, but having the excuse that I was chauffeuring the boys around for much of the day.

2. Shopping at Waitrose for a treat!

3. Getting a phone call to say Son 1's crosstrainer will arrive next week.


Anonymous said...

Rebellious! Your teenage son sounds quite "normal" to me.

Crystal xx

Sue said...

That's great Cathy. :-)

I've got the makings of Kevin the teenager in my 10 year old already!

Gatepost productions said...

I have survived the teens of 4 kids & 3 granddaughters!

My sister (now a widow) has a son, Paul, who is autistic, and a daughter with severe learning difficulties. Suddenly they are well into their 30s.

Paul, holds down a job as a book-packer and drives his own car.

I forget he is 'autistic' until I plan to drive anywhere; then he stands three inches away, eye-ball to eye-ball, and quotes every road number from start to finish ... it's incredible. Unlike the AA Routeplanner, Paul is never wrong!

Catherine said...

That does sound like very normal teenage behaviour. I often think of you Cathy, and how tough this is for you. Is son No 1 going back to school next year?

Thank you for your comment, and for remembering.

Cathy said...

No, Marianne, he won't be going back to school.He has suffered enough there. We have to get his health sorted and then I guess we will look for college education in future.