Friday, June 29, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

I'm probably years behind everyone else, but I have only just discovered Clare Grant's wonderful blog, Three Beautiful Things. I probably wouldn't have found it at all if it hadn't been for this post on Susan Hill's blog. So congratulations to Clare.

I really like the idea behind Clare's blog, to list three things which make you happy each day. Surely it can't be too hard, even on the dullest or most difficult day, to find three positives, however insignificant . In today's aspirational society it is so easy to forget to celebrate the small pleasures of life. Just thinking about them must be very good therapy for those of us with more negative outlooks on life.

Anne Brooke already does something similar at the end of each of her fabulously honest blog posts and I am seriously thinking of starting to post three beautiful things on each of my posts too. What do you think?


Anne Brooke said...

Do it, Cathy, for sure!!



Anonymous said...

It's a good idea.

Sue xx

Clare said...

I have an interest in this, but I say 'Do it!'


Cathy said...

I am, Clare, I am ! Started today.