Friday, June 08, 2007

Eight things about me

As promised, since I have been tagged by both Marianne and Betamum....

1. As part of my degree course, I spent a year living and studying in Germany in historic Goettingen, though I did far more travelling than studying. I even crossed the Iron Curtain into East Berlin on my own, which was pretty scary.

2. My lovely grandmother, who had lived through two world wars, was afraid I might end up marrying a German. But that was never in question because I was madly in love with my boyfriend back in England......who dumped me on the day I returned for good.

3. I am the black sheep of my family because I do not believe in organised religion, especially the joylessness of the Methodist Church.

4. I don't believe in happy endings because I have realised over the years that every time things seem to be really going well for me, life will throw a major spanner in the works. Perhaps this is divine retribution (see above).

5. I used to love travelling, especially in the Far East, and my favourite place in the world (so far) is Bali. I really want to visit Mauritius one day, as everyone I have ever met who comes from there has been such a lovely person.

6. I never stop wanting to learn new things, which leads me to spend far too much time on the internet and to sign up for OU courses that I don't really have time to do properly. My next ambition is to get a place on a Creative Writing MA course and write a book before I am 50 (which sadly isn't too many years away).

7. I've always enjoyed being creative, even if I am not very talented at it, and spend a lot of money on beautiful craft materials which currently just clog up the spare bedroom because I don't have time to use them. I do, however, try to make hand crafted cards for family and special friends.

8. I am a chocaholic and a shopaholic with a serious eBay habit, but thankfully not an alcoholic, though I do enjoy a glass of wine (or two).

Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?

I've lost track of who has already been tagged on this meme, so I'll just leave it open. If you'd like to have a go yourself, I'd love to read your answers.


Jackie Luben said...

You seem a very interesting person, Cathy.


Catherine said...

It does add another layer to what you already know about someone from their blog. Very interesting Cathy.

beta mum said...

Well done - lots of interesting stuff there. We can read with renewed insight now.