Thursday, June 14, 2007


I turned on GMTV this morning and caught part of a piece on celebrity. I wish I had seen it all as it appeared fascinating. As part of a degree project (art or media studies degree?...missed that bit) a young, slim, attractive girl had set out to see if she could make her face famous in the space of 12 weeks. She succeeded in getting onto London billboards and a mural on a department store wall, she had invites to celebrity parties, etc etc.

Which all goes to once again prove how shallow modern celebrity can be. I have absolutely no problem with people being famous because they have a special talent or have achieved something exceptional in life and I will admit to enjoying a quick flick through Heat magazine. But last week I was standing in a shop and it suddenly hit me how many (mostly ghastly) celebrity magazines there are.

Nowadays celebrity seems to have become a goal in itself rather than something to be earned. It is the only reason many people go on reality TV shows. What is your ambition? To be a celebrity or a footballer's wife. Great. Why are people like Paris Hilton and Chantelle set up as role models for our children? No wonder so many girls have body image problems and fall into debt trying to emulate them.

I have more time for celebrities who use their wealth and fame to benefit others. The Beckhams may have their faults, but not everyone knows that they also run a childrens charity which funds badly needed equipment for children with disabilities.

Celebrity can be a millstone as well as a bonus in life. But surely it should be something that is earned for success rather than just notoriety, and those who have it should attempt to use their high profile to benefit others. Hopefully the current obsession with celebrity, where ghostwritten autobiographies of mediocre people outsell great writing, will soon be over.


Jackie Luben said...

Cathy, I couldn't agree with you more. And unfortunately, it works the other way too. We at Goldenford, have to try so hard to get publicity for our books. And if we were prepared to go on the ghastly Big Brother, or similar, perhaps we would attract the attention we need. But none of us could face it. Ah well, it'll have to be the nude calendars again.


Cathy said...

Jackie, you'll have to try to persuade Anne to go on a reality TV show for you. She would be great! If not, where are these nude calendars available to buy?!!



Jan said...

A while ago, Prince Charles said (something along the lines) that young folk expect fame+fortune+celebrity to happen too easily ( "Just Like That", in fact, in the words of Tommy Cooper...HA! THAT shows m'age!!) Charles said that usually, seriously worthwhile stuff has to be worked for...
HRH had a point.