Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the news this week

So what was I doing blogging yesterday about something as trivial as my personalised homepage, when there is so much going on in the country this week?

The floods, for example. I feel desperately sorry for everyone affected further up north. For anyone outside the UK who isn't aware of this news story, there are pictures here and here.

Some viewers of GMTV were upset earlier in the week when live news reports of the floods were broken into to go to Hollywood for live coverage of Paris Hilton being released from jail. So a so-called celebrity in America, (remind me, what is she famous for other than partying?), is considered more newsworthy than a natural disaster causing loss of life and massive disruption in our own country.

Then of course there is our new Prime Minister and all the resultant changes. Apparently in the 68 minutes between Tony Blair resigning and Gordon Brown emerging from Buckingham Palace as the new Prime Minister, a matter of national importance was announced. Preston and Chantelle, two British Z list celebrities, are ending their shortlived marriage. I wonder if Max Clifford had any hand in the timing of the announcement?


Yvonne said...

Did you see that YouTube video of the journalist who refused to read out a piece on Paris Hilton? Fantastic:

Cathy said...

I'd only read about it, not see the clip. Thanks for the link, it is great!