Friday, May 18, 2007

A sad goodbye

Son 1 got divorced today. Not literally, of course, because he is not even old enough to get married. But today he lost the relationship which has been probably the most important in his life for almost 12 months. His wonderful mental health keyworker has left for a new job, in a new area.

We have known for weeks that it was going to happen. Two days ago we met the person who will be his new keyworker. But however much he tried to prepare himself, it is like a bereavement. His keyworker has pulled him back from the brink of suicide, has been a support and confidant, has helped to start the rebuilding of self esteem. He has visited our house up to three times a week and got son 1 back out into the community, he has been like a gentle giant of a friend.

I, too, will miss his professionalism and shy smile, while the regular arrival of a tall, dark, handsome young(ish) man at our front door must have done wonders for my reputation on our street!


Anonymous said...

I can imagine how frustrating that must me. My daughter has a support worker (she's autistic) and I dread the day when they have to go their separate ways. Hopefully it will be a good few years yet.
Let it not be 'goodbye' but 'hello' to a new challenge and hopefully a bright future. All the best.

Cathy said...

Welcome crystal jigsaw!

I too have an autistic child (not the one in this post!) yet in many ways for him a change of staff is less stressful, because he gets less attached.

But you are right,this will bring a new challenge for son 1 and the incoming keyworker seems lovely.I'm very optimistic.

Catherine said...

Oh good, so there is a satisfactory replacement lined up. Hope that works well for him.

How difficult for you, managing all this. Of course, you are the most important relationship in your son's life, it's just that Mum's are too closely linked to be the right person to help sometimes.

There is a homeopathic remedy for suidical thoughts and feelings ... Sorry, but for us, this method has been a real help and it's so safe and gentle.

Cathy said...

Marianne , I have suggested homeopathy to him, but like his father, he is rather cynical and just not interested. He is old enough to make his own decisions and mistakes (this is constantly being impressed on me by professionals), so I just have to step back...

john said...

I had a comunity mental health worker help me out for a couple of months. She was doing work experience in that area of work so I knew she wouldn't always be there. she was about 6 years older than me (I think). It was so nice to have some one my own age to talk to and I must confess I really missed our walks together when she went.