Sunday, May 13, 2007

Please keep looking...

The abduction of four year old Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz, Portugal, has dominated the news media for the last ten days.

This weekend her family have issued this new photo which clearly shows the unusual marking in her right eye. This may now be the only way to positively identify a child whose other outward appearances could easily have been changed. Whatever we might feel about the circumstances in which this happened, let's hope someone, somewhere, can help to put her parents out of their misery.

Anyone with any information can phone Crimestoppers internationally on +44 1883 731 336 or within the UK on 0800 555 111.


Catherine said...

I'd like to see her photo on every webpage on the internet.

Anne Brooke said...

I have to admit that I'm still not sure what exactly all this publicity can do, apart from make hugely public the private and agonising grief of the poor child's family and friends. But I appreciate I'm a lone (and soon to be knocked down) voice here.


Cathy said...

Not going to knock you down, Anne!

But you do have to appreciate that it is the family and friends themselves who are constantly taking the case to the media and courting the publicity, to try to get a breakthrough. Publicity has been used like this for many years in the USA...remember the faces of missing children on cartons of milk etc? The truth is that Madeleine could be in almost any country now and the internet is an excellent media to get international awareness (I get readers here from many countries...USA,Canada, China, Australia, Malta and Malaysia to name just a few very recent visitors)

In fact, in my opinion, the media has actually been gentle in this case. The reporting has been very supportive of the family.
I think every parent is praying for Madeleine's safe return because 'there but for the grace of God go I...'

Anne Brooke said...

Possibly true, though no doubt her actual appearance (as is, I'm told, common in these cases) was drastically changed half an hour after she'd been abducted.

Suspect it might be simple solid detective work that gets any results now. The trail is very cold after all.


Anonymous said...

It's just so distressing. Every parent must be feeling the anguish especially those with similar aged children.

I'm not a big fan of watching the news, but I find I have to keep tuning in, in the hope that they announce what we all want to hear.

Sue xx

Jan said...

Let us hope for the news we all want soon.