Monday, May 28, 2007

Rain, rain....

What a washout of a holiday weekend. Just bad luck or yet another sign of global warming?

When I was a child we always had our family holiday at this time of year. My father was a teacher, so holidays had to be taken during school breaks. We lived by the sea anyway, so it was no hardship to be at home for the whole of the long summer holiday and a week at the end of May often provided ideal weather conditions for a break in the UK ( my parents have never been travellers). I don't remember it ever being wet like this.

Luckily we had no special plans for this weekend and we have all spent the last two days indoors, watching the relentless rain through the window and dreaming of sunny days by the sea.


rilly super said...

cathy, I do believe you had wetter and colder weather down south than we had up north, where it has been showery and cloudy but generally mild. I am going to have to move back home to keep my tragic tales of the frozen north beleivable if this is to contine. I did join you in dreaming of sunny days by the sea though.

Catherine said...

I lit the fire last night and watched a video of Pride and Prejudice. Bliss. Bliss interrupted though as the ex-husband and new wife made an appearance on TV - some reality thing - must resist watching repeats as very unsettling.

Otherwise, the weather has rather suited my mood.

Cathy said...

So there are some benefits to the North then, Rilly?

Marianne, I'm intrigued by the reality TV. Anything I might have seen?!