Thursday, February 26, 2009

Following on ...

...from yesterday, I like this article by Libby Purves.

School was back today, after a week of half term and three staff training days. So how did I arrange to spend the day? Attending a National Autistic Society branch committee meeting this morning and giving a talk to parents of newly diagnosed children this evening!


Casdok said...

Yes very good article

3 training days!!!

Hope your talk went well.

Anonymous said...

Well done you on the speech.

CJ xx

Unknown said...


I hope you don't mind me posting this here - I couldn't work out how to email you. : )

I am working with the national charity for autism education, TreeHouse and we've just launched a new social networking community for parents to talk about autism, and it's called, talk about autism.

We're looking for people who blog about autism to become involved, with the view to guest blog on the site. If you're interested, please sign up and say hello, (it's free) or you can email me at

Sorry for the long comment!

All the best,