Monday, April 16, 2007

Shopping confessions and guns

The school holiday is over, the sun is shining, the kids are both doing well and right now life seems quite fun. So what did I do to celebrate...well, some shopping of course!

Firstly a Kipling bag from eBay. Did I tell you I love Kipling bags? They are so light, hold loads and are also very practical, because they can be thrown in the washing machine. But they are expensive. Anyway I saw a vintage (2003) bag, new with tags, and I won it! It is gorgeous, a spacious tote bag in a pastel dot print of blue, green yellow and pink with pink handles. Guaranteed to brighten up my day when I use it.

Then we were sent a book token at Easter, in lieu of eggs for Hubby and I. I offered it to him but he said I could use it, so I took myself off to Waterstone's on Saturday. Our local branch (formerly Hammicks/Ottakars) is small but I had already decided just to look at the 3 for 2 paperback offer. I ended up buying Disobedience by Naomi Alderman, Love Life by Ray Kluun and Keeping the World Away by Margaret Forster...quite a variety.

As I write I am watching the BBC news about a horrifying shooting at a university in Virginia, USA. We are currently working hard to convince son 1 that the world is safe, that he doesn't need to feel threatened every time he leaves the house, yet this sort of news, added to the spate of recent gun murders more locally in London, just undermines our efforts. How can we lie to him?


Catherine said...

Kipling bags! I bought one - gorgeous, dark pink - for my aborted trip to Lille. Still looking forward to using it.

Jan said...

I don't think you need to lie, Cathy.
Just reassure him that what happened is an extraordinary happening, an unusual one.
Because THAT really is true.
PS I wonder if you read my comment tacked on at the end of your last posting?? I thought I sounded POMPOUS in my original comment so wanted to add another...!!

Cathy said...

Jan, I didn't think you sounded pompous at all!

Re my son, he is currently feeling very threatened after bullying at school. Yes, I agree that this was unusual but in some ways it just reinforces the idea that peers can be a threat. But then again,his fear is due to his current mental health issues, after all this was the child who flew to the USA with his Dad just weeks after 9/11 whilst I stayed at home feeling very frightened!