Thursday, April 12, 2007

Playing away and essay writing

Son 2 had a longer day at playscheme today because they all went on an outing to a specialist adventure park for people with disabilities. I think he enjoyed it, though apparently he spent the whole day in the indoor facility playing on a computer and refused to go outside. He is not an outdoors child really ....and to think we paid extra for him to do what he would otherwise have done at home! But actually the whole experience of going somewhere different and the journey on a big coach is good for him, because people with autism find changes to their normal routine very hard to cope with and do need to expand their horizons sometimes.

I made the most of the extra free time by working on my OU assignment and whoo hoo, it is half written! I have a week before I need to post it, so hopefully I will be able to get it in on time. That makes me feel much better!


Anne Brooke said...

Hurrah! Knew you could do it!!!



Cathy said...

What would I do without all my blog friends cheering me on !!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Cathy. Sometimes it just takes a couple of hours quiet time and you can achieve heaps.

Sue xx

Jackie Luben said...

When I was doing OU, I discovered where the tutor lived and several times delivered the essay through his door just before midnight on the day before it was due in.